Premium International IDN Domain Names for Sale

IDN International Domain Names for Sale

With more than 50% of all Internet users speak other languages than English, IDN International Domain Names are being used more and more for business and personal use. We have a great selection of premium IDN International Domain Names available for sale or lease. Make your business international with a premium IDN International Domain Name.
Search our inventory and let us know if you are interested in any names. Premium IDN International domain names are a great investment.
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レンタカー.com – “Car Rental” in Japanese Sells for $4,500.00

レンタカー.com – “Car Rental” in Japanese Sells for $4,500.00

Car Rental .com in Japanese. Great name, great price, huge market. Currently the site resolves to a parked page. The owner appears to be from the US. Hopefully they will connect the domain to the right end-user, ie. Thrifty, Avis, etc that want to tap into the Chinese car rental market. Google keyword tool is showing over 90,000 exact searches per month and 1.5 million for the phrase!! Wow, I wonder if the owner is keeping stats on the name??


山东.com “Shandong” Sells for over $13,000.00

山东.com “Shandong” Sells for over $13,000.00

Great Chinese geo sells for over $13,000.00 at last year. The current owner resides in the US. Hopefully the site will be developed into a full blown geo site. The population statistics in 2010 for Shandong showed almost 100 million people!! Seems like a great candidate for a travel, business, investment portal.

動画.com – “Video”.com in Chinese sells for over $35,000.00!

動画.com – “Video” in Chinese sells for over $35,000.00!

Great name and a great sale price for both the seller and buyer. Name currently resolves to a parked page. Hopefully the Canadian owner develops the site or partners with a company that can utilize this great Chinese domain name. Sold via in September 2012.

下载.中国 “Download” .cn Sells for $8000.00

下载.中国 “” Sells for $8000.00

In January of this year 下载.中国 sold for $8,000 as reported in DNJournal. Currently the name resolves to a parked page but hopefully the new owners will utilize the name for “free” downloads of non-copyrighted materials. Looks like the owner may reside in France. The nice thing about the .cn extension is the owner of the main name gets all of the variations as well.



all the same owner!!

Grö Sells for $10,000+ in March

Grö (Greenland) sold for over $10,000.00 USD.

As reported at

Sold in March of this year currently the domain resolves to a parked page, hopefully the new owner will utilize it as a travel site/portal for visitors heading to Greenland. Owner is listed as residing in Australia so hopefully they get to work on it soon and/or lease it out to someone that does.

Highest IDN sale ever МОСКВА.COM


Highest reported International Domain Name sale to date as reported by “Moscow”.com in Russian. $216,000.00 sold in 2011 for a record amount. Currently the domain resolves to a parking page from Hopefully an enduser will utilize this amazing domain name. It looks like the current owner resides in Cyprus hopefully “Mother Russia” will benefit from this amazing name utilizing it as a travel, business, directory site and/or gateway to Moscow. – International Domain Names

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